2019 Bollinger B1 Exterior
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2019 Bollinger B1 Interior, Release Date, & Price

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2019 Bollinger B1 Interior, Release Date, & Price – Have you ever heard about Bollinger or even 2019 Bollinger B1? Some might say that they do not really know this brand or even this company. Bollinger is actually a company who is still new in this automotive field. This is the one that comes with an excellent and bold vision to dominate some segments such of off-road pickups and SUV. The Bollinger B1 is the product that we will get from this company that comes with amazing performance. One thing that we should consider is that those amazing specifications come from the company who just settled in the business for only 3 years. If you are one that quite curious of what we can find in the B1, here are those specifications.

2019 Bollinger B1 Offroader Design
2019 Bollinger B1 Offroader Design Images – topspeed.com

2019 Bollinger B1 Review

2019 Bollinger B1 Black
2019 Bollinger B1 Black Images – ytimg.com

2019 Bollinger B1 is the car that comes from the company which is quite new in the business, at least, for those who do not really hear much from automotive. Yet, we need to see more on its performance and the whole quality offered by this car. Bollinger has prepared this car to bring those amazing features that make it a competitive car for its own exclusive class of electric SUV. Amazing powertrain and gorgeous design of its exterior will be the features that put it in the competition.

2019 Bollinger B1 Exterior and Interior

2019 Bollinger B1 Rear Exterior
2019 Bollinger B1 Rear Exterior Images – pinterest.com

For those who have never heard about Bollinger will be quite amazed at the amazing performance of 2019 Bollinger B1. What we can expect for the exterior will be the design that comes from Tesla Model X and Land Rover Defender to create this amazing electric SUV. However, it has its own original design for the exterior and chassis although the chassis is quite similar to Hummer design. The hood will be quite different as it has it lifted. It makes it a different design of this kind of SUV. It seems that the interior comes with a very similar material of its exterior. We will find it with beautiful metal detail on its dashboard which is combined with old-school design for the entire interior.

2019 Bollinger B1 Powertrain

2019 Bollinger B1 Electric Offroader
2019 Bollinger B1 Electric Offroader Images – cartype.com

2019 Bollinger B1 comes as a totally different engine. We cannot find in any SUV since there are only few SUVs powered by electric engine. For this model, there will be two type of engine offered including 60 kWh and 100kWh. Each of them will produce different power. The 100 kWh will produce at around 360 HP and 472 lb-ft of torque. This engine will have a top speed at 127 mph and it is capable to reach 0-to-60 in only 4.5 seconds.

2019 Bollinger B1 Release Date and Price

2019 Bollinger B1 First Look
2019 Bollinger B1 First Look Images – ytimg.com

Although this car might look like a prototype car, it is actually already available to be purchased in early 2018 to start purchasing this car. However, it will be ready to be delivered starting in February 2019. In order to secure your place to purchase this car, it is required to pay for $1,000. This car will be worth it at around $60,000.


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